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Chord Gitar

Chord Gitar The Greatest Discovery - Elton John

"The Greatest Discovery" merupakan lagu Elton John yang dihadirkan tahun 1970. Lagu ini hadir sebagai bagian dari album eponim Elton John

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Chord Gitar The Greatest Discovery - Elton John 

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID - Berikut ini chord gitar dan lirik lagu "The Greatest Discovery" dari Elton John.

The Greatest Discovery - Elton John


G Bm F E Am F D G
Em C D G Em C D Em G

[Verse 1]

G                                            Bm
Peering out of tiny eyes, the grubby hands that gripped the rail.
F                                                  C                                            G 
Wiped the window clean of frost, as the morning air laid on the latch
    G                                                          Bm
A whistle awakened someone there, next door to the nursery just down the hall
A strange new sound you never heard before.
       C                                            G                C
A strange new sound that makes boys explore

[Verse 2]

G                                                         Bm
Tread neat so small those little feet, a-mid the morning his small heart beats.
          F                                             C                             G
So much excitement yesterday, must be rewarded, must be displayed
Am                                     D            Bm                                    E
Large hands lift him through the air. Excited eyes contain him there.
C                                G                     F                                 D
The eyes of those he loves and knows. But what's this extra bed just here?

[Verse 3]

        G                                                Bm
His puzzled head tipped to one side. Amazement swims in those bright green eyes.
     F                                                      C                       G
Glancing down upon this thing that makes strange sounds, strange sounds that sing
G                                                            Bm
In those silent happy seconds that sur-round the sound of this event
     F                                                   C                                        G
a parent's smile is made in moments. They have made for you a friend.
Am                       D                          Bm                                 E
And all you ever learned from them - until you grew much older
Am                              C                      G                 Bm            Em G
Did not compare with when they said, This is your brand new bro - ther.
C                  D                G     D
This is your brand new bro - ther.
C                    D                G
This is your brand new bro - ther.

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