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Chord Gitar Woman Like Me - Adele

Lagu "Woman Like Me" dari Adele dihadirkan sebagai bagian dari album 30 yang dirilis pada Jumat (19/11/2021). Lagu ini menjadi salah satu dari 12 lagu

Tribun Manado/Gryfid Joysman Talumedun
Chord Gitar Woman Like Me - Adele 

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID - Berikut ini chord gitar dan lirik lagu "Woman Like Me" dari Adele

Woman Like Me - Adele

[Intro] Em C B

[Verse 1]

You're driving me away, give me a reason to stay
                   C                      B 
I want to be lost in you, but not in this way
I don’t think you quite understand who you have on your hands
                      C                       B
How can you not see just how good for you I am?
I know that you've been hurt before, that's why you feel so insecure
                          C                                 B
I begged you to let me in ’cause I only want to be the cure
If you don't choose to grow, we ain't ever gonna know
Just how good this could be
              B                                        Em C     B
I really hope that this would go somewhere


                Em                                                         C
Complacency is the worst trait to have, are you crazy?
                 B                                                          Em
You ain't never had, ain't never had a woman like me
       Em                        C                         B
It is so sad a man lik? you could be so lazy
              Em                                                      C
Consistency is the gift to giv? for free and it is key
      B                                                  Em         C B
To ever keep, to ever keep a woman like me

[Verse 2]

All you do is complain about decisions you make
                 C                               B                                Em
How can I help lift you if you refuse to activate the life that you truly want
I know it's hard, but it's not
                              C                                  B
We come from the same place, but you will never give it up
It's where they make you feel powerful, that’s why you think I make you feel small
                              C                              B
But that’s your projection, it's not my rejection
I put my heart on the line for the very first time
                     C                                           B
Because you asked me to and now you’ve gone and changed your mind
But lovin' you was a breakthrough
I saw what my heart can really do
                            C                      B
Now some other man will get the love I have for you
                            Em     C        B
'Cause you don't care, oh-oh-oh


                 C                         B
A woman like me, one more time
                Em                                                                                     C
Complacency (Woman like me) is the worst trait of to have (Woman like me), are you crazy? (Woman like me)
                  B                                                      Em
You ain't never had, ain't never had a woman like me (Woman like me)
        Em                       C                           B
It is so sad a man like you could be so lazy (Woman like me)
            Em                                                                                C
Consistency (Woman like me) is the gift to give for free and it is key (Woman like me)

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