VIRAL: Screenshot Judul Media Australia yang Sebut 'Loser' Prabowo Bertebaran di Medsos

Media Australia, The Australian, melansir berita terkait klaim Capres 02 Prabowo Subianto sebagai pemenang Pilpres 2019

VIRAL: Screenshot Judul Media Australia yang Sebut 'Loser' Prabowo Bertebaran di Medsos
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Klaim Menang Pilpres 2019 meski Kalah di Hitung Cepat, Media Australia Sebut Loser Prabowo. Screen shot berita The Australian berjudul: Loser Prabowo claim victory on Indonesia 

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID - Media Australia, The Australian, melansir berita terkait klaim Capres 02 Prabowo Subianto sebagai pemenang Pilpres 2019 kendati semua hitung cepat lembaga survei memenangkan Capres 01 Jokowi Maruf.

Berbeda dengan media nasional pada umumnya, media The Australian malah langsung mencap Prabowo sebagai pecundang atau loser. 

Loser Prabowo claims victory on Indonesia, itulah judul berita yang diturunkan the australian yang juga bisa diakses di situsnya.  

Berita ini sebenarnya sama seperti yang sudah diberitakan media-media nasional, sikap Prabowo dan pendukung mendeklrasikan diri sebagai pemenang Pilpres 2019. 


Berikut redaksi lengkapnya judul berita dari media The Australian tersebut:

Loser Prabowo claims victory on Indonesia

Indonesia’s defeated presidential challenger Prabowo Subianto continued to insist he was the rightful winner of Wednesday’s bitterly fought elections yesterday, two days after early poll counts showed incumbent Joko “Jokowi” Widodo had been re-elected with a double-digit margin.

Mr Prabowo, who was backed by hardline Islamist groups, appeared at a mass gathering outside his campaign office in South Jakarta after Friday prayers to again claim the presidency and attack the credibility of pollsters who near universally found Jokowi had won.

While official results will not be released until late next month, all credible quick count surveys — which compile samples of open counting at the polling stations and are historically accurate to within 1 per cent — show Jokowi won by a margin of about 10 per cent.

Speaking on a street stage to several thousand supporters, the 67-year-old Suharto-era general said: “This is the victory for all the people. The Indonesian people have awoken … they no longer want to be lied to.

“Do you believe the pollsters?”

“No,” they shouted.

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