English Corner

  • A Journey to Excellence

    Learning is a journey, resulting someone’s dream turn into reality. It does not need to be confining but expanding.

  • MIS, Truly Unique from Other Schools

    I believe what makes it truly unique from other schools is the fact that MIS has partnerships with major universities outside Indonesia.

  • Six Ways to Achieve Better Study Habits

    Your work load and academic pressure are getting heavier with tons of assignments, tests and projects underway.

  • The School Where I Belong

    I would always find myself reminiscing the good times I had in Middle School with my friends and classmates.

  • An Experience Like No Other

    Having studied in Manado Independent School throughout my teenage years gave me many special moments.

  • MIS Then and Now

    One of the best things about MIS is that it provides students opportunities to discover and enhance their talents and skills.

  • Being Reactive or Proactive

    In conclusion, to be more organized in every aspect of life, we are better off or should fall into the proactive category.

  • The Art of Movement of Parkour and Freerunning

    Like David Belle, the founder of parkour said, "First, do it. Second, do it well. Third, do it well and fast — that means you're a professional."

  • Orchestra Has Totally Changed My Life

    I have failed countless of times, but I continue to aspire for success with the motivation and support of my teachers and friends.

  • Bridge Brings Me to Italy

    At that time, I never thought that one day I would have the opportunity to be part of the national team.

  • North Sulawesi Has Stolen My Heart

    The locals were beyond friendly, always smiling and willing to help should I need directions or a good place to eat.

  • MIS My Ladder to Success

    At first, when my mom told me that I was going to study in MIS, I got scared because I didn’t know how to speak English at all.

  • MIS’s Math Week Program: Math Gives Us Hope

    Math is probably one of the least favorite subjects but it has many uses.

  • Grateful to Be Part of The MIS Family

    My work was recognized as one of the “Highly Commended” essays, which meant that among the 680 participants around Indonesia, I was in the 9th place.

  • My Recollections of Sydney

    I remember that feeling of joy when I saw him there. I could read from his smile the excitement to meet someone from MIS, his alma mater.

  • My Life My Adventure

    Damn I Love Manado! Adventures still moving and I don't know when it will end. I just said, "God, protect me and my family."

  • Beyond the Classroom: Field Trips as Valuable Learning Experiences (2)

    For nine days, the participants were given the luxury and delight to experience firsthand the very diverse American culture.

  • Arts is My Passion, Science is My Future

    I am a member of the Glee class where we usually sing while portraying the story of the song for the audience to understand the message better.

  • Musings on History

    The fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for German reunification, which occurred a year later on October 1990.

  • Beyond the Classroom: Field Trips as Valuable Learning Experiences (1)

    With the ever-dynamic landscape of education, the conventional ways of learning have morphed into a more practical, active, and realistic character. Network © 2018
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