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Driving with Self-discipline on the Road to Success

Discipline is control. It keeps us from going over the road and holes on the way.

Driving with Self-discipline on the Road to Success
citizen reporter/shan mamarimbing
Every driver needs to be skilled. Discipline is proficiency. 

Shan D Mamarimbing
MIS Grade 12 C3 Science
Champion On-the -spot Essay Writing Competition MIS High School English Festival (Part 1)

STUDENTS around the time of Aristotle and other great teachers were older in age and tremendously less in number compared to the present.

As time progresses, the numbers have increased and the ages decreased, but the idea of discipline has stayed.

Education will continue to expand and so does the environment around it.

Unfortunately, with the rise of technology, success and willpower have gone their opposite ways.

The spikes of advances in life have begun to slowly creep up due to the who needs more” mentality entrenched in the minds of those who don’t strive anymore.

For those people who possess good self-disciplined, this is not true because they know that there is a road to success, a road to a greater place.

Within the bounds of discipline, they have achieved more than others.

With this in mind, discipline has to be willfully implemented in the life of a student whether at home or school.

Those who drive with self-discipline’ see themselves controlled, active, and kept on the well-ordered path that leads to success.

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