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Being Reactive or Proactive

In conclusion, to be more organized in every aspect of life, we are better off or should fall into the proactive category.

Being Reactive or Proactive

Teddy Tandaju MBA Adv.
Lecturer of Unika De La Salle

Teddy Tandaju
Teddy Tandaju (unikadelasalle.ac.id)

I once attended a special training on entrepreneurial aspects during a six-week Canadian capacity consolidation activity held at Humber Business School, Toronto, Canada, some time ago.

In one session, we discussed a very interesting topic of being reactive or proactive.

This topic attracted my attention since I had seen these two terminologies were essentially the same.

However, as the discussion of this topic advanced deeper, it turned out that there are, indeed, striking differences between the two.

Seeing the definition of both, according to the Concise Dictionary, reactive means to be ready to act or respond to something.

Conversely, proactive means first active in doing or responding to something. Prefix 'pro' defines 'before'. Thus, proactive gives meaning to it per se as being 'active before doing something'.

If I can illustrate, a proactive person keeps his body healthy by doing sports, consuming vitamins and supplements to keep fit and not susceptible to illness.

A reactive person will only consume drugs/medicines when the body is in a state of illness.

For a clearer example, a person who takes precautions when starting feeling or coming down with a cold before it gets worse is a proactive person.

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