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The Art of Movement of Parkour and Freerunning

Like David Belle, the founder of parkour said, "First, do it. Second, do it well. Third, do it well and fast — that means you're a professional."

The Art of Movement of Parkour and Freerunning
Parkour in Megamall Manado 

Escobar Sumampow
Alumnus of De La Salle University Manado

MOVIES from the past until now, especially action movies, incorporate stuntman and stuntwoman to do things that most people deemed dangerous, like jumping from building to another building, flipping over obstacles, and chase scene involving moving cars or trains, etc.

Did you know that there is a sport about it named 'parkour' and 'freerunning'?

Basically, parkour means to efficiently and quickly moving from point A to point B.

The practitioner of parkour is named 'Traceur' for male, and 'Traceuse' for female.

Most practitioners start practicing by doing simple vaults and basic parkour roll.

Flips and tricks are discouraged in parkour because it is basically useless in moving fast.

Freerunning on the other hand is allowed to do tricks and flips, that's what makes parkour and freerunning different.

Parkour focused on moving efficiently, and freerunning is purely aesthetic incorporating parkour elements.

I started parkour when I was a high-schooler. I am inspired to do parkour because I like to play video games like Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge from which the gameplay is heavily inspired by parkour.

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