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Orchestra Has Totally Changed My Life

I have failed countless of times, but I continue to aspire for success with the motivation and support of my teachers and friends.

Orchestra Has Totally Changed My Life
Grace (middle) played violin with MIS Orchestra Team at MIS Music Concert. 

By: Grace Karundeng
Grade 9 Student Manado Independent School

IN my first few years as a student of Manado Independent School (MIS), I had an amazing time participating in an activity called “Cornerstone.”

I did many activities in “Cornerstone” that helped improve my writing and speaking skills.

For me, writing is a pursuit that I have always found challenging.

I enjoy writing freely, but when it comes to an assignment involving formal writing, it is the starting process that I don’t really look forward to.

However, I know that writing is a process, and it can be honed gradually.

The academic and character formation in MIS play a big role in my life now that I am a senior in Middle School.

I know that it will even matter more after graduation. I will forever cherish my learning experiences in my Alma Mater.

One of my favorite activities in MIS is being in the orchestra for my arts class.

I am a member of the string ensemble for two years now, and this has totally changed my life.

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