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My Life My Adventure

Damn I Love Manado! Adventures still moving and I don't know when it will end. I just said, "God, protect me and my family."

My Life My Adventure

Joe Oan Herry Lumbu
Empress Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Miami, Florida, US.

IT starts when I was a child. I saw and heard from TV, movies and songs. The place they called The Land Of Uncle Sam (The Dream Land).

I said "I must go there someday", and English language became my favorite subject.

I learn and learn even until I got into collage, I took English literate. And got a lot of knowledge about western cultures from it, even I don't know how to get there.

My life goes by, I got married, got two amazing children and worked in local companies from one to another.

I'm desperate and I kept strugling with my life and wondering if there is a miracle comes right up to me so my dream will come true.

And few years ago, I got the chance, I meet with someone who works in cruise ship, and he offer me a job.

I talked to my family and they support me. I just don't know how, but what I need just came easily and thats I call a miracle.

Short story, I went to many local places such as Bali, Surabaya, and Jakarta to complete my trainings, certificates, documents, interviews even test to get the job.

Joe Oan Herry Lumbu
Joe Oan Herry Lumbu (ISTIMEWA)

Its hard for me because I must leave my families and friends to work faraway and for a long time of period. One side I wanna stay but in other side I wanna get my dream.

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